Darkness is the cosmic womb. The undisturbed, the absolute stillness is there.


Common benefits


A darkness retreat offers different benefits for everyone, but the following are common experiences:

  • Deep relaxation. If you lack sleep, you’ll recover it.
  • As we have taken distance from the usual stimuli, the nervous system regenerates. We disconnect from our preoccupations and daily worries, calming the mind.
  • Detoxification happens thanks to a proper diet and the chemical and hormonal changes. The body comes out of darkness purified.
  • Getting deeply in touch with the senses and understanding them more fully.
  • When you adjust to the darkness and are fully relaxed, you will discover a world of lights, colours and forms. Very often, the ‘dark room’ is not dark at all!
  • Many reconnect to their own creativity.
  • Advanced practitioners no longer lose consciousness while sleeping, instead entering a meditative sleep.
  • People overcome their fear of darkness and even the fear of death.
  • Inner clear vision or the ‘third eye’ becomes accessible. As a result, intuition develops alongside direct information and outside of thought.
  • An understanding of invisible planes of existence may occur and therefore a change of paradigm concerning the so-called ‘reality.’
  • Vibratory frequency rises, leading to numerous energetic phenomena. These manifestations either balance vital energy (chi or prâna), or they are the vehicle for deep spiritual experiences.
  • Teachings surge from within: liberation of the past, access to elevated feelings of grace, or encounters with beings living in other realms. Our practices support the emergence of such spontaneous revelations.



Darkness has a major impact on health, including on sick people. Besides spiritual factors, healing mechanisms rest on the virtues of a melatonin cure. Melatonin:

  • stops excessive secretion of cortisol as a response to stress;
  • improves the metabolism of glucides;
  • reduces the rate of triglycerides;
  • inhibits atherosclerosis;
  • stimulates the immune defense system;
  • slows the development of certain tumors;
  • increases the lifetime of laboratory rats by 25%;
  • activates a neuro-protective function in the brain;
  • increases paradoxical sleep and dreaming;
  • neutralises free radicals (antioxidant and anti-ageing action);
  • facilitates the regeneration and replication of DNA.[1]


We will continue researching on the effects of darkness on the human body. Keep updated!


[1] Joe Dispenza, Becoming supernatural, Hayhouse publisher