Darkness is relaxation, total relaxation.


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Winter solstice meditation



A time for regeneration of the body and psyche for recovering from stress and for taking care of the heart.
The practices will guide you to a state of deep meditation through music, nidrâ and breath.
There will be moments of silence, alterning with moments of guided practice and satsang.
Spending 24 hours in the dark will realign you and allow you to  have an idea of what a longer darkness retreat may be like.

December 22nd from 4 to 7 PM in Arbaz, Switzerland

Cost : 80CHF

Access and parking

Max 12 people

Equinox meditation



Meditating in the dark is a practice of rejuvenation of body and spirit.
It allows us to rest the nervous system, recover from stress and calm down emotions.
The practices will take you into a state of deep relaxation through music, nidrâ and breathing. The teachings will introduce you to the miracles of darkness.

March 21st to 22nd (24 hrs) from 2PM to 2PM

Cost : 220CHF

Access and parking

Max 6 people

Crazy darkness dance party


Darkness allows you to move without being looked at. At the same time we have that feeling of togetherness. Senses are enhanced in darkness : touch, sound and movement are perceived differently. There will be three steps in the music: from : groovy, liberating and then relaxing.

A collation will be served at the end of the event.


November 29th  from 5 to 8 PM in Arbaz, Switzerland

Cost : 50CHF

Please book your space through the French-speaking website:

Inscription Crazy darkness dance party

Access and parking

Max 12 people