The only thing that can truly be all-pervading is darkness.

Jaggi Vasudev

Retreat into darkness

The « E N L I G H T E N M E N T S » retreats

take you to the point where awareness awakens to itself. Enlightenments is plural because there are different stages of enlightenment and as many paths as there are human beings. We can’t speak of awakened beings – as enlightenment is precisely the end of identification to a limited self – but there are awakening processes. On the long run, we live a life that is more and more awakened, which means a life less trapped in conditioning and more open to a higher intelligence. « Enlightenments » also refers to the fact that we may experiment all sorts of lights in the darkness. Dyonisius the Aeropagite would call it transluminous or supraluminous.


Themes to come

  • Giving yourself a chance to really meet who you are in the deepest part of yourself;
  • Entering unusual states of openness and perception;
  • Liberating karma and knots tied in the past;
  • Letting healing take place and allowing it to happen;
  • Waking up to one’s own true nature…
  • … and so much more.

In this utter blackness, the body functions on another level and gives access to the invisible, increasing subtle knowledge and self-knowledge. You are lifted up to visions, revelations, and new feelings. You’ll meet what you need to and understand the next step, wherever you stand right now.



Guided practices on the energy body as well as the intuition body: deep relaxation, meditation, breath work, spontaneous movement of soul and body with music, teachings on the awakening of the heart and consciousness.


Retreat into Darkness in India

16th to 27th of February, at ‘Zorba the Buddha’, Ghitorni near Delhi, India

This retreat is exclusively French-speaking.

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Retreat into Darkness in Thailand

October 22nd to November 1st at ‘Tao Garden’, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This retreat is bilingual English-French.

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