The only thing that can truly be all-pervading is darkness.

Jaggi Vasudev

Retreat into Darkness

Due to the covid crisis, Tao Garden had to shut down. Now at last, Tao Garden, Thailand, will reopen again in 2023.
We’re pleased to announce our next darkness retreat, from April 8th to 19th 2023!

In order to encourage visitors to come back, Tao Garden is offering by way of an exception special fares only valid in 2023.

Meeting the Divine as Darkness

Physiological changes in the body and the rising of energy frequency will help us reveal aspects of Reality we don’t usually have access to. It is a blessed time for meditation, for feeling deeply connected, for listening to the simmering of True Existence from matter to higer planes of being.

There are four group gatherings a day of 1,5 to 2 hours. That includes: meditative practices, talks shedding light on darkness chemical processes as well as spiritual guidance.

Themes to come

  • Giving yourself a chance to really meet who you are in the deepest part of yourself;
  • Entering unusual states of openness and perception;
  • Liberating karma and knots tied in the past;
  • Letting healing take place and allowing it to happen;
  • Waking up to one’s own True Nature…
  • … and so much more.

In this utter blackness, the body functions on another level and gives access to the invisible, increasing subtle knowledge and self-knowledge. You are lifted up to visions, revelations, and new feelings. You’ll meet what you need to and understand the next step, wherever you stand right now.


Guided practices on the energy body as well as the intuition body: deep relaxation, meditation, breath work, spontaneous movement of soul and body with music, teachings on the awakening of the heart and consciousness.



April 8th to 19th 2023 at ‘Tao Garden’, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This retreat is bilingual English-French.

Teaching fee (9 days + 2 days for acclimatising) : 1000 CHF (approx. 1006 €)

Accomodation: approx. between 806 € and 959 € according to exchange rate and type of rooms chosen.

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