Darkness has no source ; it is a source unto itself. It is all-pervading, everywhere, omnipresent.

Jaggi Vasudev


Building designed for darkness to be created

For the moment, centers in India and Thailand host our darkness retreats. In the future, we’d love to bring back this practice to Switzerland or Europe. A suitable building meets those criteria:

  • simple architecture that minimizes the chance of getting lost
  • total darkness in all spaces except the kitchen
  • ventilation without opening the windows
  • at least a dozen rooms, all with an attached bathroom
  • a meditation hall of 80 m2 minimum.

 Currently we are looking for people who may grant us a loan without interest! Thanks for your support.

Seeking support for research

We’d like to shed the light of science on the effects of darkness. Doctors, chemists, biologists, and specialists in neuro-sciences are welcome to join us so we can develop study protocols together. Research domains include:

  • blood count before and after the retreat
  • « living » blood before and after
  • Kirlian images or other energy diagnostic techniques, before and after
  • blood test on volunteers throughout the retreat, in order to measure the fluctuation of the rate of DMT, 5-MeO-DMT, pinoline, etc, from day to day
  • Measures of EEG and ECG regularly during the process
  • cell development research: tumours, telomeres etc.
  • others suggestions

Please tell us if you want to participate in this study program on darkness.

Of course, all this has a cost and we appeal to you not only for your skills but for your financial support! Every donation is welcome, whatever the amount.



You may support by sending a donation to the special account we created in order to collect funds.

Anoula Sifonios
Onna 5, 1974 Arbaz
CH44 0900 0000 1535 0389 1

Thank you for stating your address and to specify what the money is for:

  • construction of a « darkroom »
  • grant to scientific research

If you are ready to sponsor the construction of a darkened building on a scale large enough to host retreats, please contact us and we will discuss the project together.

All our gratitude in advance for your help!